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Carolyn Battle, a native New Yorker, has been a player in the [entertainment] game for the last decade - from her tenure at Disney; as a consultant, writer and director with responsibilities to cross platform multiple business units in an urban direction, to her years working with music notables on numerous projects within the music industry.

Carolyn’s interest in filmmaking peaked when she positioned herself as Artistic Director of BWA, a Park Avenue (NYC) private salon that catered to; Grammy award winning singers and big screen actresses. She alone was responsible for the designing and directing of magazine cover shoots, national media publicity, as well as managing a staff in excess of thirty professionals. Among the clientele of famous faces was Diana Ross, who served as a strong inspiration. “It was then that I realized that I wanted to write and direct films. The tales of my clients were tender, heart-wrenching, hard core, sensual, sexual, upsetting and even deadly”.

After the dance with numerous “Hollywood” executives, (in regard to her scripts) that left her feeling like her toes had been stepped on (always putting an unrealistic spin on a world they’d never traveled in), Carolyn decided it was time to take responsibility for the passion that keeps her awake with vivid images that frequent in frames while she lays still in need of sleep. She saved a few bucks, borrowed a few bucks, and was given a few bucks... went into production on her first feature length documentary.

Initially, thinking the documentary (‘Biracial... Not Black Damn It’) was going to be an inexpensive, creative way to express herself (and possibly be a form of therapy) with the defined purpose of doing things “her way”. It turned into a global life’s mission. A story beyond her own—the story of being biracial, still a hushed-up topic. (Meanwhile clearly visual in census statistics and marketing strategies.)

While sleep has always evaded her, one late night in the quiet of her homeless period, on a strange bed (a starving artist became Carolyn’s reality in the course of pursuing her ambitions) the words came quickly... urging her to tell the whole story. That’s when her first memoir was put into motion, ‘Private Conversations’ the book.

That wasn’t enough to keep Carolyn busy (the documentary and the book). In the background while the struggle was real and there was no testosterone present, (broke and single is a sorry saga) Carolyn got on line to see if there was any love to be found... that was when her second memoir came to life on the pages of ‘Online Love’.

Carolyn Battle is a woman that has lived her life “out loud”. With a twisted almost mysterious grin and a bit of a sashay to her stroll these days, Carolyn has a story (a few juicy stories). She has surrendered to the inner voices (the call to never give up and keep it movin’), while getting herself ready for the latest adventure. The adventures have come with a vengeance... the plots and sub-plots of true-life protagonists and a love of a lifetime; not fictitious... they’re real, up close and personal.

It might mean you’re almost a voyeur to go there...or maybe it means she’s just a little bit of an exhibitionist to give such a close look. Well... you decide.

The "Biracial... Not Black Damn It" documentary is now a four-part series consisting of all cultural mixes. Series four is entitled "Biracial... Not White Damn It". Carolyn is also working on a reality show for television.

Welcome to her world.

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