Inside the Multicultural Community-Our OWN Show on the Oprah Network, It Ain't Over!
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On June 26th I posted a submission tape on the OWN network (Oprah’s new network) to win a spot on a reality contest to have my own show
“Inside the Multicultural Community”.

I realized it was impossible to be one of the top five contestants considering I had seven days to amass votes, and there were contestants that had millions of votes (already) that had been in the competition for five weeks, (and) press had advanced their vote tallies.  That didn’t stop me; I knew that one person would tell the next and the next, and we would generate a whisper, if not a roar as a community.  In seven days our end tally was 157,397 votes (which is probably 50,000 shy of actual final vote tally, the last night before the deadline we had hundreds of folks voting for five hours and the tally never changed).  Out of 9,500 online submissions, after seven days (not the six week run for the contest) we were within the top122 contestants.  Our whisper is gaining momentum, and we will roar.



In the right hand column is a tribute to my community, those that voted and shared their comments to give a voice to a silent community.  These are fragments of just a few of the many heartfelt commentaries on the founder’s wall.  The “Founders Wall” represents those individuals that were on the front line and voted daily, shared a common emotional bond as we marched, laid brick, clicked together until the click sounded more like koo koo, than click click…for the common goal to open a door for generations to come. 

I was just informed some of our leading ambassadors have not left a comment, so I say; their actions spoke louder than words, they voted on lunch breaks, after stingray bites, in taxi’s, after the children went to bed and before husbands came home they voted, they overheated laptops voting, they are still taking Tylenol for the carpel tunnel…I know they were there on the other side of my computer screen voting and I will forever be humbled and touched!

This mission is only at ACT II we must continue to leave comments, tell your stories to Oprah’s staff, it only takes one producer to “get it”, and it could be your  comment that “hits a nerve or sheds some light” at which time we will be invited into the boardroom; we need everyone’s voice, everyone’s story.  Make some damn noise so we can go to ACT III.  Btw; Act III is not the boardroom (not quite yet), we’re going to do a community EPK for Act III  (YAY).

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Please leave comment for Oprah:
go to the site and leave your comment


Founders Wall

In the 21st century it is incomprehensible that this subject isn't understandable. The essence of who we are, isn't cause for debate. DNA is real and available for those seeking the truth 

Absolutely! this is an issue that definitely needs some attention and acknowledgment. 

As a kid I thought that I was the only one. Now knowing there is a community full of other people like me fills a void that I never thought could be filled. We need this show, because I know there are more people out there who have not yet found their place in the world.

we are not tragic or lost. we just want to be able to tell our truth 

Besides the complexities of identity, there are real life and death issues. I work with an organization, Mixed Marrow who focuses on outreaching to the multiracial community in order to educate and register bone marrow donors. Being a minority and especially being mixed race limits you to finding a bone marrow match if you face diseases like cancer. Why is it still not common knowledge 

It really is scary for some of us! God forbid either of my kids needs bone marrow! They would have a 2% chance of finding a match! 

There has never been an in depth conversation about the multicultural community. No one has ever explored the historical, political, religious, and societal barriers that restrict multicultural individuals in America. If we are going to talk about race relations or diversity in this country, then let's discuss the misrepresentation of the multicultural community 

This show will educate America about a community of people that has stayed in the shadows throughout American history for far too long.  

I love this new revolution of educating the ignorance of society to learn about our mixed culture. I'm so proud I could cry right now.

I have 3 biracial daughters and want them to grow up and be proud of themselves as a whole and not feel like they have to choose either black or white.

As a therapist, I have met with families of mixed heritage many times. I am always surprised at how much of a nonissue it seems to be. 

SERIOUSLY!- We're mixed and we exist -- you can't possibly ignore us for much longer - We're the fastest growing population in the U.S! 

It's not about passing for one or the other. its about having an identity that is strong, powerful, positive and true to who you are. its about loving and acknowledging our entire heritage, and asking the world to accept us for all of what we are, and not put us in a box using the one drop rule or any other eyeballing method. but if you think about it, even the fact that you're so strongly against this means its something we should be talking about

two people fell in love . . . love . . . and we are free to blend love . . . and in terms of the law, we have the Loving family, white husband and black wife, to look back upon with humble appreciation, for their love that changed the nation (Loving vs. Virginia) . . . blended people are the race of the future

Interracial Family Organization:
We would love to see this subject covered!  

As a Caucasian woman, mother of two adult biracial children, artist, educator, social worker political activist and author of "Talking About Race: A Workbook About White People Fostering Racial Equality in Their Lives," Carolyn Battle's work is an absolute NECESSITY in the body politic, in the entertainment industry and in education  "Inside the Multicultural Community" is more than timely, it is long over due 

This is a demographic that is growing exponentially and Carolyn could give people like me a voice! We really want to be heard 

I think it is extremely important for people to have access to knowledge which allows them a deeper understanding of themselves 

There is an army behind you, an army of voices and stories which defy the one drop rule, defy narrow classifications, and fly in the face of essentialism.

WE ARE here, a new voice from this country - not yet harmonized, desiring to sing as one. WE ARE HERE. And our voice is beginning to be heard now. WE ARE HERE  

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