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Mike Vargas, fondly referred to as Varganesca and I sat for long hours as the darkness of night crept into the early, crisp hues of dawn in repetition, editing the documentary series “Biracial Not Black Damn it”. After significant concentrated time together, and one more night of gut wrenching laughter and silent tears, “Yo C,” Mike said, “you really need to share your story.

The words and images came without much premeditation in flash frames of sepia, I reminisced about the little colored girl with the white mom.  I walked down Main St. pretty much naked and surrendered all that I could recollect about my life in stains of gray with lullaby’s in blues; reliving the decades of events which have molded me into the woman that could no longer live within the confines of social constraint.

In writing this story I have found peace, and can now sashay into the future with an exalted sense of heighted freedom, having put all the pieces together to finally become whole. 
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