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Carolyn Battle's life is full. She has a supportive family, an army of great girlfriends and a few very ambitions creative projects underway. The only thing that is missing is someone to share it with. So, as a woman in her 40's, Carolyn decides to take the plunge and travel into uncharted territories in an online quest to find her king.

The real life adventure that ensues is often stranger than fiction. It takes her to highs and lows she never expected, with plenty of laughs in between. She finds cybersex, lost souls, masked men and more than a few interesting prospects.

But this is real life, so when her king finally does ride in on a white horse (okay — a blue Infinity SUV) to carry her off into the sunset, instead of taking her to a palace on a hilltop, he whisks her away (initially kicking and screaming) from the bustling metropolis of the New York City area to a country hamlet far, far away.

This tale, with its heartbreaking lullabies (and several late night arched back high notes), gets intimate with a journey that was several years in the making... and well worth the ride.

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